My Latest Guitar / Bass Effect Board

So, as you know, I perform regularly on both Guitar and Bass Guitar. Now, my work in covers bands requires me to have a variety of sounds at my disposal, and being a gadgety sort of chap I am constantly swapping and changing my effects pedals around.

So, I thought I would share some quick thoughts on my latest set up. I have tried to optimize this to use pedals that work on both Guitar and bass guitar, whch is not all that easy, as alot of pedals are optimized for the frequency range of one or the other.

So, what am I using? My instrument signal firstly goes into th Dunplop Cry Baby Classic Wah, but only when I am on Guitar, as this effect is not good on Bass. After this the signal passes through a Boss TU2 tuner, and then into a Rothwell Love Squeeze Compressor. Rothwell are a boutique UK manufacturer of very high quality pedals, and this unit is very transparent and clear sounding, providing a nice range of compression whilst remaining musical.

From this, the signal passes into a Sansamp Bass Driver DI pedal which I only activate when playing bass. It provides a general “lift” to my bass sound, adding a little clarlty and “grit” to my sound. From this, we go into a Zvex Box Of Rock. This is aimed at the Guitar market, and provides great overdrive sounds, along withe a separate boost function for solos, and I find it works very well with Bass Guitar also – a very versatile, high quality pedal indeed.

After this comes a classic pedal – an Ibanez Tube Screamer TS808 reissue. I only activate this when playing Guitar, and it gives me searing creamy lead sounds for solos and heavier numbers.

Next up is a great Chorus Pedal – the TC Electronics Corona Chorus – lovely on both Bass and Guitar. Finally comes a Boss DD6 Delay pedal – mainly used with Guitar, but sometimes on bass it can add something to the sound.

So, a nice set up that has taken a few years to refine, and I am sure I will keep messing with it….

All this is powered by a Diago Powerstation PSU, and is all squeezed onto a Gator Pedal Tote board – but it only just fits (well, the Wah does not fit actually). So, I might be on the lookout for a larger board…it never ends.

If you have any questions or want to know anything more about any of this, please shout up.

Thanks for reading.