Music Exams

Some students or potential students are worried that exams are an integral and essential part of learning to play an instrument. In some cases, this can even deter them from seeking professional instrumental tuition. Well, here are my thoughts on the subject…

Formal exams are NOT a necesssary part of instrumental tuition, so the first point to make is this – don’t assume that you will be forced to do them! It is just as possible to progress without taking exams.

However, in many cases, preparing for grade exams provides a great structure upon which to build your learning. The exam process itself is not terrifying – whilst you would be nervous, the examiners are looking to make the experience a pleasant one. You will have worked with me on all the elements required, and on the day would feel confident and able to give of your best. And when the certificate arrives, the feeling of achievment cannot be beaten.

Futhermore, higher grades count towards qualifications required for further education, which is another benefit.

I prepare students for exams in guitar (classical and pop/rock), bass guitar and drum kit, to all levels. As I say, it is not something you would be forced to do, but the option is there to be explored, so don’t let it put you off.

Until next time – keep practicing