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Guitar Lessons

Do You Need Expensive Equipment

21st November 2016

Hello all, Over recent gigs, a thought has become increasingly prevalent in my mind – is it essential or desirable to own and use expensive musical equipment as a musician?…

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Learning the guitar

Learning – Now vs Then

4th January 2016

Hello everyone, and Happy New Year It occurs to me that over the years, learning methods have undergone some significant changes. I started guitar and drums/percussion at the tender age…

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The Nights are Drawing In

22nd September 2015

Hello Again! Well, the nights are drawing in, and your thoughts may be turning to indoor activities as Autumn takes a hold…. It is at this time of year that…

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Music Exams

9th September 2015

Some students or potential students are worried that exams are an integral and essential part of learning to play an instrument. In some cases, this can even deter them from…

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My Latest Guitar / Bass Effect Board

18th April 2014

So, as you know, I perform regularly on both Guitar and Bass Guitar. Now, my work in covers bands requires me to have a variety of sounds at my disposal,…

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How Much Amplification Do You Need To Play Live?

1st January 2013

Well, the short answer is “it depends”. Over numerous years performing in every conceivable situation, I can broadly summarise as follows: We have the gig where you have a large…

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