Do You Need Expensive Equipment

Guitar Lessons

Hello all, Over recent gigs, a thought has become increasingly prevalent in my mind – is it essential or desirable to own and use expensive musical equipment as a musician? Much of my waking time is spent playing, transcribing, teaching and listening to music. Now, it may come as a surprise to hear a music…

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Learning – Now vs Then

Learning the guitar

Hello everyone, and Happy New Year It occurs to me that over the years, learning methods have undergone some significant changes. I started guitar and drums/percussion at the tender age of 12. In 1982, no one had heard of the Internet, let alone had access to a decent computer at home or even at school.…

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The Nights are Drawing In

Hello Again! Well, the nights are drawing in, and your thoughts may be turning to indoor activities as Autumn takes a hold…. It is at this time of year that I receive numerous enquiries from potential studuents wishing to take up guitar/bass or drums.  These students may be complete beginners, or players looking to rekindle…

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Music Exams

Some students or potential students are worried that exams are an integral and essential part of learning to play an instrument. In some cases, this can even deter them from seeking professional instrumental tuition. Well, here are my thoughts on the subject… Formal exams are NOT a necesssary part of instrumental tuition, so the first…

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My Latest Guitar / Bass Effect Board

So, as you know, I perform regularly on both Guitar and Bass Guitar. Now, my work in covers bands requires me to have a variety of sounds at my disposal, and being a gadgety sort of chap I am constantly swapping and changing my effects pedals around. So, I thought I would share some quick…

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How Much Amplification Do You Need To Play Live?

Well, the short answer is “it depends”. Over numerous years performing in every conceivable situation, I can broadly summarise as follows: We have the gig where you have a large front of house PA system, and the venue where the PA system is only amplifying the vocals (and possibly keyboards and acoustic guitars). Now, in…

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What Sort of Guitar Should I Learn On?

Many different guitar types

One of the questions I am asked most frequently concerns what type of guitar it is best to choose as a first instrument. There is a huge choice available in shops and online, and this can be bewildering for the beginner student. However, guitars can be broadly split into three categories: acoustic nylon strung acoustic…

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