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So You Want to Play the Drums?

Well, alongside my guitar teaching and playing, I also play and teach drums.

So You Want to Learn to Play the Drums?

Some of the questions you may have are answered more generally on the “Beginners Advice” page, but you might like to know a little more about learning the drums specifically, hence this brief beginner’s introduction:

If you are a total novice, you will start off by learning how to hold the sticks, and how to strike the drums “in tempo” consistently.  At first, it is not necessary to own a set of drums, as you can practice the “sticking” techniques we will learn simply by using sticks and a rubber practice pad, which are readily available in shops I can recommend.

Once you have become comfortable with these introductory steps (or if you have already played before), exercises will be played on the drum kit.  My teaching studio is fully equipped with a kit, and to make the most of your lessons it will be useful if you have your own at home to practice on.
Electric DrumsKits can be either acoustic (these actually look like drums and cymbals), or electric – rubber pads linked to a “brain” and some speakers.  Again, I can advise when the time is right.  The reason to have a kit to practice on is that you will need to work on coordination of both hands and feet in order to “get grooving” – one foot is used to play the bass drum pedal, and the other for a pair of cymbals called hi-hats.

Through practice of carefully selected exercises you will soon be putting together basic rhythms and beats.  Further to this, we will develop your technique using “rudiments”, which are standard patterns to develop coordination, strength and speed.

Drumming is great fun - and when you play with a band, you are the driving force of the whole group, so if you have always fancied the idea but been unsure of where to start, just give me a call and we can chat.

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